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Are persuasion techniques the most effective to get what you want? Are persuasion techniques a moral way of conducting oneself?

Big questions.

The word persuasion itself is very misunderstood. For many, it conjures up images and feelings of making someone do something that he might not want to do. This is very far from the truth of how persuasion techniques really work.

I always find it interesting to review the actual dictionary definition of the words that we use.

My dictionary defines persuasion as "the ability or power to persuade". So persuasion techniques are those that "give the power to persuade". And to persuade is "to induce to undertake a course of action". Finally, to induce is to "stimulate the occurrence of".

Read through the above definitions again, and you'll see that persuasion techniques are those that give the power to stimulate one to undertake a course of action. Interesting. So what does it mean to stimulate someone? It means to excite them or to get them emotional.

Wow, so persuasion techniques involve the power to stimulate someone to do something by getting them emotional. Very cool. Now in my experience, people only get emotional about things that they personally care about. I think this is true for everyone. And if it is, then this means that you can't get someone to do something that they don't want to do using persuasion techniques.

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